Planning Tips

COVID-19 is once again throwing a wrench in the plans of Washington brides and grooms, unfortunately. Our hearts hurt for those that are effected, but as you know, this doesn't mean love is cancelled (or postponed!). If you're trying to navigate what your wedding looks like this year, here are some options.

-If you're having a hard time envisioning your wedding without being surrounded by your entire crew, however big or small that may be, consider postponing until next year. While it's not an easy call to make, your big day should be what you truly want. If that involves a big party, put it on hold until you can have that dream day.

-That doesn't mean you can't still get married! Consider marking your original date by still officially trying the knot at the courthouse or a civil ceremony. Whether you spread the good news and celebrate later or keep it your little secret between the two of you, just because you can't currently have the wedding you planned doesn't mean you can't get married.

-Have a small ceremony with your family. Currently (as of 7/29/2020) ceremony services are still be allowed, but they will be restricted in all Washington counties to an indoor occupancy of 20% capacity or up to 30 people, whichever is less. If you don't want to fully postpone but also can't imagine not sharing your day with a few VIP's, have a super small ceremony and save the fanfare for later.

Whatever option or route you decide to go, know that all your vendors want to do right by you and aren't out to run off with your money. They're small businesses just trying to survive and do the best they can for their clients. Our hearts truly hurt for everyone who's been effected by this pandemic, but love doesn't have to be cancelled, or even postponed. Let's find a (safe!) way to still look back on 2020 fondly. 

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