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Being in a bridal party is a huge commitment, there's no way around that. You ask the most important people in your life because they know they'll be there for you, no matter what. It's also a huge honor, and a special memory that you'll both hold for years to come. So, in order to thank their bridal party members, most brides and grooms will opt to give a gift to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, to help mark the day and express gratitude. If you're looking for something beyond the usual, we've sharing a few ideas that we're loving lately!

For the gals

 This super unique ring would be a gorgeous gift for your bridesmaids! We love the design and color, a perfect accent for any gown. It's such a fun moment that your girls will wear for years.    

Speaking of jewelry, this travel-friendly jewelry box is a must have for your girls, especially if they've come together from far and wide. With tons of space for all your baubles, it'll be used long after the wedding weekend! We love how chic this little jewelry case is.  
 This option might not be the best fit for a wedding day gift, but we love the idea of a masquerade bachelorette party, with unique masks for each bridesmaid. Way more memorable than sashes or crowns, don't forget to think outside the box for a fun party that you'll always remember!  

For the guys

  We LOVE the idea of a super classic pocket watch for your guys! Not only is it a momento they'll pass down in their own families, but it's so fun and classy, while still being modern and useful. This one is a particular fav with the inside gears showing through.    
Why should the girls get all the fun of a gift they get to wear that day?! This suave linen bowtie is equally perfect for a rustic country wedding as it is a romantic country club affair. Gift your guys a tie in the color of your choice and don't forget the best part-- they're already tied, so no frantic YouTubing!  
If jewelry is up your alley, or ladies, if you're shopping for your groom, we love these masculine tungsten rings, ranging from simple and classic to unique and colorful. This matte black option is a particular fav!      

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