Planning Tips

Picking and planning for your wedding venue can be difficult-- there's tons of factors to consider and every venue is different. We compiled all our best venue selection tips, advice and questions in one place to make choosing the scene for your big day super easy!

Picking A Venue That Matches Your Style-When it comes to hiring your vendors, there are a ton of different decisions you'll have to make. The first and arguably the most important, is where you'll hold the festivities. Your wedding venue sets the tone for your entire event, and affects almost every other decision you'll make during the planning process. The problem? There are an infinite number of venues in the Northwest! Where do you even begin?! 

Our Top Tips for Booking Your Vendors- Hiring your wedding vendors can be stressful-- how do you know if they're good until it's too late? What if they don't follow your vision? Your sister used so-and-so, so you might as well do the same, right? Wrong. Hiring vendors isn't a science, it's a relationship. 

10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Venue-  As all brides know, finding an impeccable wedding venue can seem especially scary and stressful when you don't know if you're asking the right questions or not. So, to help you all navigate the wedding venue jitters that you might get from even just thinking about this, we did all the nitty gritty and found exactly what you should be asking when looking into finding the perfect wedding venue! 

Outdoor Wedding Must Haves-  Outdoor weddings are a trend that isn't going anywhere soon. We have so many great outdoor venues in the Inland Northwest, but it's important to choose a venue that is thoroughly prepared to rock your outdoor wedding.

What to Consider When Planning An Outdoor Wedding- Planning an outdoor wedding comes with stunning photo opportunities, lots of room for dancing, and of course a few obstacles. However, with a little planning ahead, you can prepare for anything that the great outdoors might throw your way.

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