Registering For Wedding Gifts? Here’s What You Actually Need!

 June 7, 2016

Registering for wedding gifts is one of the most fun parts of the planning process. You get to use that infamous price scanning gun, window shop and imagine your future household needs. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz of that sterling silver serving platter without really stopping to think what’s actually practical. So we’re listing out 6 things that you definitely need on your registry, but may not have thought of.

1. A good knife set It’s not super glamorous, but a high quality knife set will make all the difference in the world when you’re cooking. Consider registering for individual knives to help break up the cost for guests.
2. Dishes that aren’t china Again, not super fancy, but a nice set of Fiestaware will get infinitely more use than that bone china your mother insists you register for.
3. A vacuum cleaner Are you noticing a non-glamourous theme? A quality vacuum, like a Dyson, isn’t something you’d be inclined to buy for yourself, but you’ll reach for it often and appreciate having a nicer one!
4. Power tools Here’s one your groom will love! If he has gaps in his tool box, now is the perfect time to fill them up. Consider a power drill or something that will come in handy when you buy that first fixer-upper house!
5. Nice (and big!) towels This one is a more classic registry item, but definitely a must have. Registering for nice bath towels, or bath sheets if you like them larger, is something that will insert a little luxury into your every day routine.
6. A digital camera Guests will love getting you something that you can use on your honeymoon and beyond, and you’ll love having something more than your iPhone to capture all those memories! What are your registry must haves? Check out more planning tips here!