Riverside Place Wedding By Rajah Bose Photography

 February 10, 2015

To be honest this Riverside Place Wedding by Rajah Bose Photography has left me a little speechless. The one thing that I can say with absolute surety is that you’ve never seen anything quite like this wedding before. Where to even start? It’s so unique and utterly beautiful that it’s best to let Rajah tell the story with his words and more importantly his striking images:

“This is Ginger and Luke. For much of Spokane, they need no introduction. They are one of Spokane’s rising power couples with friends and influence that pervades across the arts, music and business scenes. They are of the founding members of the Terrain Arts and Music event and have launched many other local projects. For their wedding they were married at the former Masonic Temple in Spokane. They played on the location’s history by inventing a secret society – The Ancient Order of the Quill and Pug. Their guests donned masks and were treated to a wedding reception that was unlike any other I had ever seen.”