Sandpoint Wedding By Creatively Yours Photography

 March 23, 2015

We’re always going to get excited when we hear the words “blush pink wedding gown” and “lakeside wedding” so you’ll imaging our delight to find both these favorite things and more in one wedding!

Creatively Yours Photography shares the love story, the behind the scenes and the adventure of this beautiful wedding:

“There were so many things that made this wedding simply amazing! To begin with Jessica’s pink Disney princess wedding gown! Who wouldn’t die to photograph it?! It was stunning on her and Jessica’s love of Disney Princesses carried through in so many facets of the wedding.

Jessica and Patrick met at WSU their freshman year. One of the things that I loved about their wedding party was that they were either all long time friends and went onto college together or they all met each other in college. It felt like a huge family! They all were so happy for each other and invested in everyone’s lives. On top of that you have all the additional friends and family that made their day special. They helped by creating the flowers, the cake, and decorations. The ultimate contribution was by Jessica’s Aunt and Uncle for allowing them to use their house and yard for the wedding. Oh, and all those amazing flowers are all done by her aunt as well!

The other recurring theme for the day was FUN, lots and lots of fun! These guys know how to party and party they did! From beginning to end it was a celebration of two people that they loved getting married and starting a new chapter in their lives.

After the ceremony the wedding party (and me!) boated across the lake into Sandpoint where the reception took place at the Sandpoint Event Center. Let me tell you that boat ride was an adventure, and I loved every single minute of it! There is definitely something exhilarating about photographing a moving boat from another moving boat all while trying to keep yourself from falling in gear and all! This wedding is one for the record books for sure!”