Should You Tip Your Wedding Vendors? Let’s Talk About It!

 May 18, 2017

Money is always a slightly awkward thing to talk about, so it can often be confusing, because protocol is unspoken. One thing we hear from people about a lot is about tipping– do you tip your wedding vendors, or not? After all, weddings are already expensive! As you may expect, tipping is always appreciated, but never expected, and is based on service. Individually, here’s what you can plan for when tipping your vendors after a job well done. Tips can be distributed at the end of the night, before vendors leave. It can be helpful to have someone who won’t be drinking responsible for doing this, so they don’t forget!

Planner/Coordinator: 10-20%, or a nice gift (a spa gift card is always great!)
Hair and Makeup: 15-25%
Officiant or Church: A donation of $100-$500 for a church, or $50-$100 for an officiant if you do not get married in a church.
Photographer/Floral/Cake/Decor/DJ: Depending on price of package and service received, $50-$200 per vendor is a good bet.
Transportation: 15-20% of the total transportation cost
Catering: Check your bill, and it may have already included gratuity. If it did not, 15-20% is standard.
Venue Staff: Again, gratuity may be included. If not, $50 per person. If you can’t afford to leave tips, keep in mind that wedding vendors are small businesses who live off referrals and reputation. Leaving a nice review, or recommending a vendor to someone is always a fantastic way to say thank you that doesn’t cost a thing. Taking a few minutes after your wedding to leave a nice review is always appreciated!

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