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Should Your Wedding Be Kid-Friendly Or Adults Only?

 May 4, 2018

More and more couples are opting to have an adults only wedding for a variety of reasons. If you desire to have an elegant affair complete with crystal and elaborate floral arrangements, that typically doesn’t mix well with kids. Or you may have a lot of friends with little ones and you’re worried about them busting out screaming during your vows. Designating your wedding as a “kid-free zone” can also be a great way to cut costs if you’re on a tight budget! Since most catering costs are per-head, you can save some money by eliminating kids from the equation. And last but definitely not least, some parents may enjoy an excuse for the night off!

But beware, designating your wedding as “adults only” can be an extremely polarizing topic. For some parents, it can be not only inconvenient but expensive as heck! Your guests are already shelling out money for a gift (and often new outfits for the affair), and forget about if they have to pay for travel and accommodations! The added cost of a babysitter for the night can be a huge burden. There is a large change that people will feel resentment towards you, and in the worst case scenario, they won’t attend.

On the other hand, having kids at your wedding can be fun and usually adds a significant “cute factor.” In our experience, they’re usually the first ones on the dance floor and kiddos can add some pretty memorable moments to your day. Kids also tend to LOVE weddings – it’s a chance to let loose and maybe even make some new friends. And while it’s definitely your choice to still have a flower girl and/or ring bearer at an adults-only wedding, it’s certainly less awkward (and more fun for the kids) if other children are allowed as well.


  • The venue
    • Is your venue kid-friendly?
  • The time of your wedding
    • Are you planning a late-night soiree that will extend way past kid’s bedtime?
  • Your guestlist
    • Do you have a lot of guests traveling from out of town or with young kids?
  • The vibe of your wedding
    • Are you aiming for an elegant grown-up feel? Or a laid-back outdoor party?
  • What are you and your spouse most comfortable with?

Our official stance is that it’s your wedding, so it’s completely up to you! Make your decision based on what will make you and your partner most comfortable and relaxed on your big day!