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Spring Brides 2023

 February 7, 2023

What To Expect From Spring Brides, Trends, Flowers, And More.


2022 ended with some of the best wedding moments we have seen thus far. As a result, we have a lot to look forward to in 2023 regarding breathtaking bridal moments, stunning flower combinations, and new trends. 


With spring right around the corner, we cannot wait to see what our spring brides will be doing. 


What to Expect From Spring Brides 





We can only predict seeing some stunning bridal bouquets this season, especially with spring being the best season for flowers. Spring is the perfect time for peonies, daisies, calla lilies, roses, and so many more. You will really get a fair pick of flowers if you’re having a spring wedding. We expect our spring brides to showcase some pops of color in their floral arrangements. Along with the non-typical, de-constructed arrangements. Check out our list of floral vendors here for more inspiration. This stunning bouquet above was created by the talented Spokane florist, Rose and Blossom. Check out more of their arrangements here



Live Plant Decor



This trend is not only sustainable but can make your venue look exceptionally decorated without even trying. Utilizing live plants in your wedding decor will help you utilize space and decor with personality. Try incorporating live potted plants like Monsteras or Peace Lilies into your decor. You can keep them after the wedding, or give them away as thank-you gifts. 


Blue Hues



I guess pink is out, and blue is officially in. Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2023 makes it clear that blue hues in wedding gowns are the new trend. We predict that there will be more incorporation of blue in weddings this spring. 


Sheer Fabrics



This trend popped up near the end of last year, and I strongly feel that it will carry into this spring. Sheer fabric has become a popular trend in bridal fashion. Some brides have sheer sleeves added onto their dresses or wear sheer beaded or lace gloves. All of which add such beautiful detail and personality to your wedding look. 


Mid Day Ceremonies 



Having a mid-day ceremony, along with an evening reception has become a trend within weddings recently. The reason people enjoy this schedule is that it gives you some time in between to rest up, maybe touch-up, and relax without a rush to get through everything all at once. There is a good chance that we will continue to see this trend through 2023 and into the future. 





I think for a long time people were afraid of color. Afraid of incorporating it because of one day looking back and finding it tacky. What people are starting to realize is that color, when used correctly, can add so much to your wedding. I love when brides incorporate colors that work extremely well together and with the venue. Rich colors and minimalism are this year’s trends while remaining chic and classy.


Cocktail Parties 



Another fun idea that we’ve seen is having a cocktail hour before your ceremony. Giving some time for your guests to grab a refreshment, mingle, and check out the venue. This is also the perfect time to introduce your signature cocktail! It’s such a fun idea for the bride and groom to each choose a signature cocktail that they want to serve their guests.


With these trends to look forward to, we cannot wait for the spring wedding season! Make sure to submit your wedding photos if you’d like to be featured on Apple Brides, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest bridal and wedding tips and trends.