Steam Plant Wedding By Kena Helen Photography

 February 2, 2015

This Stacks Restaurant & Steam Plant Brewing Company wedding by Kena Helen Photography proves 3 things: Spokane Downtown is amazing, beer can totally be romantic and Winter weddings make us very happy. We love that the couple used the best of downtown Spokane as their photo shoot backdrop, the river, the gorgeous art at Ruby Hotel and even the parking lot outside. It all works together to create a sexy urban feel. We’re also big fans of the beer bottles turned flower holders, it just works!

Photographer Kena tells us about the challenges and highlights of the day: “I felt like this one was special since it captured some of the Christmas spirit as well as the holiday season. Stacey and Josh were married December 13 (meaning their date was 12/13/14 – also unique!!) at Stacks Restaurant & Steam Plant Brewing Company in Spokane. They held both their reception and ceremony utilizing the unique space in a beautiful way. Pam Terpestra from Romancing the Stone styled the event eloquently captured the intimacy of the venue along with the couples vision for the space. I personally loved all the details, especially the dessert table. As I’m sure any photographer will tell you photographing in such a low light venue is a unique struggle. All the images captured show the raw and beautiful textures of the steam plant using only natural light (so no flash).”