The Perfect Bachelorette Party in Walla Walla

 August 7, 2018

It’s no secret that Washington wine country is pretty spectacular, and we’re lucky to have it right in our backyard. One of the best parts of wine country is Walla Walla. Another perk? It’s way cheaper than Vegas and doesn’t require your girls taking any time off work to attend.

So whether Walla Walla is your home base and you’re looking for an out of town girls weekend, we’ve got the perfect bride squad weekend down pat! Pack your bags, grab your wineglass and pack some snacks, because this weekend is gonna be good.

Day 1: Arrive at The Marcus Whitman. Staying at The Marcus Whitman is a no-brainer– it’s the perfect location, a true historical gem in Walla Walla and has great service. Not to mention a pretty epic restaurant right on site as well. So check in, drop your bags and let’s get going!

Depending on when you arrive, you might opt to stay downtown and check out some of the dozens of tasting rooms dotting the streets before dinner. There’s plenty of places to try, but Plumb is not to be missed for their wine slushies that were just made for a ‘gram!

For dinner, don’t miss Olive. A cute marketplace style bistro, they’ve got great food and desserts and the perfect patio space to enjoy your first night on the town.

If you feel up to it, there are a few cute hole-in-the-wall bars along Walla Walla’s main street that are the perfect place to whoop it up with your girls, sequined sashes and all.


Day 2: Hope you’re well rested because the wineries await! There are more wineries around Walla Walla than you’ll know what to do with– roughly 150. Depending on the vibe– and how far out of town– you’re looking for, we love Foundry Vineyards, Revelry, Pepperbridge, Basel Cellars, and Waterbrook, to name a few.

Spend your day winery hopping, but first be sure to designate a DD or book a car service– no tipsy driving! Also, make a top at Cugini, a true Italian deli tucked away outside of downtown, but worth mapping. Grab a cheese and meat plate to go and you’re set for a day full of rose.

Depending on how many wineries you enjoyed during the day your dinner options range from room service to a dressed up soiree at The Marc in the Marcus Whitman or any of Walla Walla’s other excellent restaurants.


Day 3: Hangover food first. As any good bachelorette weekend should end, by Sunday morning you need something greasy for sure. Head to the aptly named Bacon & Eggs and stuff your face until you feel slightly less ick.

Depending on your level of hangover, you can opt to hit the road home earlier in the day or browse the cute boutiques along mainstream. Peppered among the tasting room’s, Walla Walla has everything from cute floral dresses to vintage records along with their main sweep and you’re sure to find the perfect moment from the weekend– as if all those bottles of wine you bought weren’t good enough!

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