Thinking About A Destination Wedding?

 June 8, 2016

While planning a destination wedding isn’t for everyone, if your wanderlust can’t be contained, it may be the perfect adventure to start your new chapter. However, since there are a few hundreds of countries around the globe, with millions of cities, it might get difficult to choose that one perfect destination for your wedding. So, here’s a top 5 list to get that travel bug sparked!

Niagara Falls, New York It is hard to think of more romantic place than Niagara Falls. So why not try to host your wedding there? After all, imagine you saying “I do” with huge waterfalls falling down in the background?! Or there is even a possibility to say your vows in a helicopter flying over Niagara Falls – either way, the ceremony will be amazing and hard to forget both for you and your spouse, and your guests.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia If you’re envisioning a tropical paradise, Bora Bora is about as close to perfect as it gets, with tons of amazing white sand beaches and luxurious hotels. Getting a marriage license might be a bit trickier since this territory technically belongs to France, so that’s something to consider. You also might just have a ceremony here, and legally wed back in the states.

Hawaii Hawaii fits the tropical paradise bill, is easy to get to from the states, and has more diversity among the islands than many other places. If you want an urban tropical vibe, consider Oahu. Looking to be super laid back? The big island is it for you. Somewhere in between? Maui definitely has it all.

Scotland Wasn’t expecting that one? Scotland is a great place to get married! Boasting stunning panoramic views that will practically guarantee your photos are jaw droppers, castles galore and plenty of adventure, you won’t regret having a Scottish wedding, kilts not required! If you are considering getting married abroad, make sure to look into the local laws surrounding a wedding license, both in that country and coming back to the states.

Florence, Italy Let’s end the list with one of Italy’s most romantic cities. Florence is a perfect destination where you can enjoy the hot Italian sun while saying “I do” in one of the ancient and beautiful churches. After getting married, you can walk around the old streets with stunning architecture and have a wedding reception in real Italian style! Plus, what better way to start your honeymoon than with some pasta?!

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