Thoughtful Fall Sunflower Wedding

 December 9, 2018

This sweet and sunny early fall wedding is packed with thoughtful details that echo the bride’s sunflower theme throughout the day. We love the attention to detail that it takes to have so many little details be on theme! From the bride’s painted TOMS to her matching mani, this sweet wedding is full of touches that reflect the couple.

The bride shared some of her planning wisdom. “We really wanted our wedding to embody what is most important to us as a couple and individuals, so there was a lot of symbolism throughout our big day. The pearls that I wore were my mom’s that she wore on her wedding day, the lace around my veil was from my Nana’s wedding dress (she passed away about 10 years ago) and the bracelet I wore was from Chris’s mom and is a symbol of the blue law enforcement family that we are apart of. We did a knot tying ceremony because we are both rock climbers and that is how we met.”