Timeless Fairy Tale Wedding In An Idaho Castle

 January 26, 2018

We love a chic modern day fairy tale! And who knew you could have a classic fairy tale wedding right here in the Inland Northwest? This bride and groom took an entire week to prepare their dreamy day, just like in the 17th century. They perfectly combined modern day elegance with classical romance to create an intimate day complete with stunning views of Lake Pend Oreille. From the bride: “Apart from my family, my greatest love is books, especially historical romance and anything I can find on the Scottish Highlands. My wedding day was heavily influenced by the 16th century. My menu was Renaissance themed with a few modern flairs and organized and prepared entirely by my mother, an incredible chef. All the meats were home raised and prepared or smoked. Every item was homemade except for the cheeses and wines which were shipped from all over Europe and the United States.This wedding was a labor of love in every detail. It took around 60 people working many hours to prepare all the elements I had dreamed up. In the 17th century, weddings were commonly massive affairs that lasted for days with feasting, drinking and celebrating. My wedding definitely followed suit. My husband and I said our vows during a sunset with an early summer breeze blowing up off the cliff from the lake 200 feet below. It was perfect. A timeless fairy-tale in a castle with my prince charming.”