To Veil, or Not To Veil?

 March 7, 2023

The Ultimate Veil Guide


Choosing a head accessory for your big day doesn’t have to be challenging. Don’t let the numerous options overwhelm you. Your veil, or headpiece, is going to vary depending on your venue, the season of your wedding, and of course, your dress. We recommend finding your dress before deciding on any other accessories because it will be easier to put things together that way.

Once you’ve found your dream dress, and know your date and venue, you can choose your bridal accessories.


Veil origin


The original reason for the bride wearing a veil was to hide her face from the groom before the wedding because it was and still is for most people, thought to be back luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony.



Today, it’s normal to see brides wear no veil. If they do choose to wear one it is usually more for fashion style purposes. They add something extra to a bridal look and can really bring it all together.


Non-Veil Bridal Headpieces


If you know for certain that you do not want a veil, consider your other headpiece options.


Flower Crown



Some brides will opt for a flower crown on their wedding instead of a veil or other headpiece to tie in the florals to your look. This trend is popular during summer weddings because summer florals are brighter and more fun. This is a great option if you’re not crazy about the other bridal headpiece options but want something that looks magical.





A bold bride might wear a white hat on her big day for a fun, unique choice. We’ve seen western brides wear white cowgirl hats, which is super cute.


Hair Pins



The classic bridal up-do does not look complete without some sort of hairpin or accessory. This is a great choice if you decide to wear your hair up and still want to add accessories to it.


Ribbon Or Bow



If your style is simplistic, consider tying a ribbon in your hair instead. I think this is such an elegant and classy choice for brides to add a little something, without doing anything distracting. This would make a great option for brides who have a lot going on with their dress, and want to keep the hair simple.


Veil Guide


Here are some examples of different veil styles that are popular for reference.


Veil Length & Width


The length and width of your veil should vary depending on the style and size of your dress. For instance, a mermaid gown looks excellent with a medium-width veil. Veils come in many different lengths, widths, and styles. Ask your bridal boutique what they recommend for your veil length depending on the dress you choose. The width of your veil plays a crucial role in your overall appearance. Note that a wide veil will have a more dramatic look than a slim and narrow one.



Shorter veil lengths are named by where they fall on the body. For example, ‘waist length’ or ‘fingertip length’.



Long veils are named after wedding ceremonial venues and get larger depending on the size. For example, ‘Chapel length’ is shorter than ‘Cathedral length’.



The layers within your veil will change its look of it as well. Some veils are double layered which gives it a fuller look and allows you to cover your face with one of the layers if you choose.


Veil Color



Matching your veil color to your dress is another essential factor to consider. There are so many wedding white variations, so you must be careful when purchasing a veil. The best way to determine your dress color is to ask the designer or supplier. More times than not wedding dresses are actually ivory, not white. Once you know your dress shade you can buy a veil to match.


Veil Patterns


Often brides who have a lace dress wonder ‘should I get a lace veil to match?’. This comes down to preference. If you have a lace dress and think a lace veil would be too much, skip it! Some brides think there is no such thing as too much lace, and a matching veil would really add to the overall look. You can show your dress to a seamstress, or someone familiar with fabrics, and they can help you determine what ‘type’ of lace it is.


Veil Edge Finishes



The edge finish is the part on the edges of your veil. Some veils are made with beaded or wired edging but come in pearl-edged, satin binding-edged, ribbon-edged, and more.



Remember that there are no rules. If you want an enormous veil with a long train just for fun, then go for it! It’s your day, your choices. For even more bridal inspiration, tips, and wedding-day advice follow Apple Brides on Instagram and Facebook. Stay in touch with the latest local wedding trends by subscribing to our newsletter.