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Traditional Wedding Cake Not For You?

 January 30, 2016

Gone are the days where a simple, tiered, plain white wedding cake will suffice for your big day. Couples want something sweet that reflects their wedding decor & theme, rightly so! Wedding cake decor has a long way, with desserts now being personalized to fit the couple, whether it be with color, or with design. We’re talking about some wedding cake and dessert trends that you should consider if a tired white cake just isn’t cutting it for you. Add Colorful Flowers Whether these are made out of buttercream, are real flowers, or are painted on, adding color to a wedding cake with flowers is on trend, and will incorporate the cake with your overall decor perfectly. Flowers can be painted on the cake directly in many different ways– ask your baker what they specialize in. You’d be surprised how stunning hand painted details are!

photo courtesy Heather Mayer Photography, cake by Tallant House

Painting the cake leaves the smoothness of the topping, while adding the visual effect of texture and depth. Hand painted floral patterns are all over the fashion runways lately, and this trend has spilled over into the bakery. Hand painting can be done meticulously to create intricate blossoms on the tiers of the cake. If you’re looking to add real flowers, you can still add a pop of color to the icing, and then top the cake with authentic flowers. This makes serving the cake easy on the day of the wedding, because the flowers can just be taken off the top. You can get inspiring flower ideas from online stores such as The Brides BouquetPinterest, or your local florist website. Just be careful you don’t use poisonous flowers, as many are! Your baker can advise you on what floral is best used.

Brushed Gold Accents Metallic colors have been popular for a while, and couples even choose to do entire tiers of their cake in a metallic shade. You can also tone it down by only adding flecks or spots of metallic color dispersed about the cake. You can skip the ornately covered tiers and instead add a sprinkle of subtle metallic flecks and brushes of gold, bronze, or silver.
photo courtesy A.JO FOTOGRAFI, cake by Pastry & More

Substitute Traditional Cake with Other Dessert While cupcake towers have been popular for quite some time, an inspiring new way to celebrate your wedding day is with goodies such as macarons, pies or other small desserts.

Photo courtesy The Amburgeys, desserts by Sweet Stuff

These desserts can be made either in addition to or instead of a wedding cake. Going smaller on sweets will definitely cut a wedding bill down significantly, as a large designed wedding cake often comes at a high price. They also allow you to offer your guests more variety, and satisfy many tastes. There are great sites out there that can help you out with wedding decorations or party equipment for you wedding such as Weddingstar or Hiresquare in Australia.

photo courtesy 2Ee’s Photography, pies by Pastry & More

Another substitute in a totally different direction, that is definitely making waves with the winery wedding crowd, is having a tiered cake made of cheese. This consists of different sized wheels of cheese such as brie and hoop cheese, rather than the traditional cake. So, if you are a cheese lover, or are getting married at a winery, this may be just the thing for you!

Casual Monograms With monograms, you can customize your wedding details, including your cake to your own style. Using chalkboard-letters and twine rather than ribbon, monograms can be dialed down when it comes to formality. Even adding hand-painted initials to a wedding cake has gained popularity, as it is a great way to personalize your cake.

Ombre Colors Ombre colors are great because the use of them is so versatile. The icing on a cake can be ombre or, if looking for a more traditional cake with a trendy twist, the layers can be ombre and be covered by a white icing. What a surprise for guests when the cake is cut and colors are shown! This can match any style you prefer because of the wide array of colors and intensity that can be chosen. Both blocked and gradual ombre are fashionable, with the deeper color on the bottom and moving lighter as the cake rises.

Whether you are looking to just add some color and interesting decor to your cake, or you are looking to go totally out of the box with your wedding desserts, there are some great ideas going around for wedding cakes right now. Get a bit of inspiration, ask yourself and your partner what fits your personalities and decor, and think about how you want to customize your wedding desserts, then sit back and watch your guests be impressed!