Trying To Keep Your Wedding Budget Low?

 July 13, 2016

It can be hard to keep your budget in check when Pinterest makes you feel like you NEED everything when it comes to wedding planning. How could you possibly cut that custom ice sculpture or those trained doves to be released when you kiss?! Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are 7 things you can definitely skip so you can save money for the really important things. Like hand woven baskets for the flower girls.

1. A full bar, or top shelf booze. Having one or two signature cocktails, or just beer and wine are a great way to make sure your party is still killer, but stretch your dollars.
2. Wedding favors that you can’t eat. As any wedding planner worth their weight would tell you– unless the favors are edible, you’ll have TONS leftover. If you really want guests to take home a moment, consider something local they can snack on. Otherwise, skip them all together and save yourself some change.
3. Crazy intense ceremony decor. Let the views speak for themselves and save your decor and floral budget for the reception.
4. Two words– after party! Instead of extending your reception rental time beyond what your venue includes in their package, consider moving the party to a bar or restaurant after your time is up. You’ll save some money and how fun is it to head downtown in your dress?!
5. A massive tiered cake. The bigger the cake, the more expensive. Ask your baker about making a stunning cutting cake, and then having sheet cakes made in the same flavors. Guests will see your beautiful cake, and the sheet cakes are cut and plated in the kitchen, so they’ll never know!
6. Out of season flowers. Ask your florist what will be in season when you get married, and use those. Ordering floral thats out of season racks up the cost quickly.
7. Don’t DIY what you can buy (or rent!) Think about it this way– yes, the supplies to make 18 centerpieces might be cheap. Then, factor in your time, stress, and the logistics. Still cheaper than just renting 18 centerpieces? Probably not. Save yourself and your ‘maids some time and stress and just rent. Or go without! Some venues really speak for themselves. Add some gorgeous flowers and that’s all the decor you need!

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