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Unique Guest Book Ideas

 October 27, 2023

Unique Guest Book Ideas


The wedding guestbook has been around for years. Your guest book at your wedding serves as a way for your guests to send you well wishes, and advice, or even just to sign their name to say: “I was here!” It gives you a neat keepsake of all the people who helped make your big day extra special.


In recent years, we’ve seen couples stray from a traditional guest book for others to sign and go with more different and unique ways for guests to make their mark and send the couple happy wishes.


We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ideas for creative guest books!


Record Player

For all music lovers, consider a record player with records for your guests to sign! You can find old, out-of-commission records at many thrift stores or use records that are special to you and your partner. Pair it with a record player and table decorations for a vintage, music-inspired way for guests to leave their messages.


After your wedding, they make great decor pieces to display for years to come!


After your wedding, they make great decor pieces to display for years to come!



Video Guest Book

1…2…3…SMILE! Grab a few video cameras to leave out in place of a guest book. From there, your guests will be able to film videos of themselves wishing you well on your wedding day. After your wedding, you’ll have a blast looking through all the different kinds of videos your guests took. It’s also a great keepsake to watch over and over again and relive those happy memories. 

Anniversary Wine Bottles 

For a guest book option that you can revisit year after year, consider using wine bottles that will be opened at milestone anniversaries. Grab a few of your favorite bottles, and write which milestones you’ll want to commemorate this way (1 year, 5, 10, 25, etc.), and place them instead of a traditional guest book!

Your guests will have fun picking out which bottle to write their message on, and you will get to revisit wedding memories throughout the years when the time comes to open another bottle! 




If you’re one who loves playing games, there are a few ways you can incorporate that into your guest book! We’ve seen couples use blank playing cards, jenga, and even puzzle pieces! 


We love seeing all the different and creative ways couples use a guest book (which doesn’t have to be a book!). The possibilities and endless, and no matter how your guests make their mark, you’ll have memories to last a lifetime!


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