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Fall Wedding Trends 2022

 July 14, 2022

2022 has been a tradition-breaking, revolutionary year for fashion and hospitality trends. We are breaking the rules when it comes to the typical wedding ceremony, reception, and dress. I love this creative movement of focusing on finer details within the experience because it will make your celebration one to remember.

A few of the upcoming fall wedding trends we will be seeing this season include out-of-the-box decorations, colors, and decor, themes of sustainability, multiple-day celebrations, and crazy, unique guest experiences! 


1. Breaking tradition – Fall wedding trends

A popular trend this year has been breaking free of typical wedding norms and traditions. I think now more than ever is the time to perfectly curate your wedding to you as a couple, rather than what a ‘traditional’ wedding should look like. There is a newfound focus on intention and personalizing details in order to customize it to your personality. A great way to get creative is with catering. Why serve boring entrees that are extremely predictable? Try something fun that describes you and your significant other, like mini tacos, a sushi bar, wood-fired pizza, donut holes for dessert, or a mimosa/cocktail bar for drink lovers. The possibility of food is endless and really allows you to get creative with your choices.


Wedding catering ideas


Another tradition-breaking idea is to mix up your venue and choose a location that resides with your values as a couple. If you have a favorite location or scenery (like a favorite lake or hiking trail), try making it the focus and building your venue around it. A great example is this wedding in Harrison Idaho that utilized the gorgeous view of the lake and mountains.



Another current trend is using unique and personalized invitations or programs. You can use dried florals and greenery to add an extra special touch. For programs, one couple went with this clever newspaper article theme for their programs, which doubles as a perfect memento that guests can take home.




2. Weekend Weddings – upcoming trends


There is a popular phenomenon happening with wedding celebrations this year that most definitely creates a fun, memorable guest experience. This trend is taking the typical one-day wedding celebration and extending it over the course of the entire weekend or week. We’ve seen this occur in the past especially for the bridal party, but now we are seeing couples extend various celebratory activities to their guests as well. Starting with a welcome party, and finishing with day-after brunches, some couples want to make their experience extra special. Why not fill the entire weekend with wedding-related celebrations that your guests can enjoy?

I like the idea of creating experiences where your two families and guest parties can mingle and create memories together. Especially when there’s travel involved, this is the perfect opportunity to create multiple smaller events around the actual wedding so that your family can gather.


3. Sustainability – fall wedding trend


The move to incorporate sustainability is huge this year for weddings, and we are here for it. First determine if most of your guests are local and consider choosing a venue that is local to your area and won’t require too much travel. If your guests can carpool or ride together in larger numbers, you will also be able to save on parking space. Select vendors with greener production and a plastic-free caterer. Make use of online save-the-dates and eco-friendly or recyclable invitations.

Prioritizing local vendors also supports sustainability, and opting for all-inclusive venues is ideal because they reduce the need for extra materials and single-use items. Source your food and florals from local farms that grow seasonal, fresh ingredients and flowers.



A great way to repurpose your flowers is to donate them the day following to hospitals, nursing homes or loved ones. My personal favorite sustainable method is to hire local creatives, like musicians, to support and give back to your community. I love the idea of utilizing local creators like artists, welders, woodworkers, etc. to create the artwork, centerpieces, and decor for your special day. 



4. Unique guest experience – upcoming trend


The ‘out-of-box wedding’ is growing more popular and with it, unique guest experiences. Due to recent precautions causing wedding celebrations to be limited in size, we are now seeing a rise in larger than life parties with wild ideas. You want your guests to leave feeling delighted and cared for with personalized memories that’ll last. Some couples go with live bands to add to the experience, or interactive elements like cornhole and lawn games. If you like being extra, consider the oh-so aesthetically pleasing champagne tower. 

Giant connect 4, wedding reception games Giant chess, wedding reception game


This is also a great opportunity to come up with innovative guest favors like customized matchboxes, bubble dispensers, plant and flower seeds, or handmade local soaps. My personal favorite is the customized blend of coffee or tea that you can give to your guests with your names on it. The idea behind this is the couple coming together and creating a blend of two different flavors to create something original and unique together.


Creative wedding take home gifts - custom coffee brew


5. Color + Fashion fall wedding trends


The color, dress, and wedding fashion trends this year are creative and captivating. We are seeing an increase in brides doing second and even third looks, changing gowns throughout the event, adding an element of surprise to the moment. I love the idea of using a show-stopping ball gown for your ceremony, and changing into a fun and funky wedding mini for the reception. 



Tradition with a twist is another upcoming trend we are seeing with a mix and match of tradition gowns, contemporary accessories, and fun accents. I am obsessed with the alternative to the classic gown and seeing brides in dresses like the bridal suit, mini dresses, and matching separates. We are seeing a trendy dress movement, and added personal style to the bridal look.  


Wedding blazer dressUnique wedding dress Sparkle veil - unique wedding veil


Gloves. Gloves. Gloves! They are a trend amongst every aspect of fashion this year, so we will most definitely see them in weddings as well. 


Wedding gloves - fall wedding trends


Funky bags or heels are another great option if you want to add some fun to your look, while remaining somewhat subtle. I’ve seen western chic brides opt for cowgirl boots instead, or white sneakers for the reception. Jewelry trends have been leaning towards classic pieces like pearls, but another great option is local handmade jewelry. I also love the rise in creative bridal nails with use of white-nail-variations and funky patterns.


Wedding jewelry, bride earrings


As for color, we are seeing a various array of color hues in 2022. For many, color represents the light at the end of the dark tunnel that is the pandemic. Bridesmaid dresses are all over the board as we’ve seen shades of green, hot pink, and neutrals like black or gold. Floral arrangements provide captivating scenery with bold flower choices and color combinations.


Fall bridal bouquet



 For tablescapes however, we’re seeing heavy use of color with a major focus on the tabletop. A popular trend is using lots of table decorations with more detail in the dishes, florals, and arrangements. I love this focus as it really livens up stereotypical, boring place settings. 


Warm neutral wedding reception tablescape Wedding reception tablescape - neutrals, black and white theme




Overall, this year we are seeing loads of creativity, personality, and a ton of fun incorporated in wedding celebrations. Whether you are a minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between, there is a style that suits you and your significant other. Don’t be afraid to step outside of traditional wedding norms, and cater your special day exactly to things that you love. I love seeing bridal trends come and go, but 2022 is an unforgettable year filled with fabulous surprises for the wedding season.