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Upcoming Fall 2023 Trends

 September 6, 2023

So you are hosting a fall 2023 wedding… Early fall has become one of the most popular times of the year for weddings. When planning a fall wedding, we think the best results come when you lean into the season. Here are some of our favorite ways we have seen couples do that recently!


Color Palette


The color palette is one of the earliest things to decide when wedding planning. It will determine what decor, invitations, and attire look like. We recommend going with a palette that feels in tune with the season. Terracotta has been a trending color for bridal party outfits this year, but it is especially appropriate now. Other warm options include golden yellows and burnt oranges. 


Credit: Kayla Rae Photography


But if that is not your jam, there are many other options. Try for pastel shades but in dusty tones. For a bold choice, lean into burgundy or plum. For a minimalist approach, try classic black and white with green accents or shades of earthy neutrals.


Credit: Samantha Ruscher Photo


Wedding Party Attire


Trends are moving towards having more organic, mix-and-match wedding parties. To give your party more autonomy in choosing their attire, give them a cohesive palette and any specific guidelines you have, like level of formality. The result? An effortlessly stylistic wedding party. When thinking of color, don’t let the bride’s party have all the fun! For the groom and his party, consider a burnt orange, burgundy, or forest green suit to tap into the seasonal spirit.


Credit: Hubbard Visuals, Suit Shop




Florals are another area where coordinating with the season gives stunning results. Choosing fall florals can be as simple as extending your fall color palette to the flowers of your choice. To go a step further, incorporate seasonal textures with dried flowers or foliage such as eucalyptus and pampas grass. Floral decor pieces can even be a great place to include boughs of fall leaves! Keep a look out for our coming post for a deep dive into fall florals.


Credit: root + gather events




For fall, we love creating a layered, cozy feel in the venue through textured decor. For the perfect fall vibes, lean into elements like wood, leather, velvet, and basketry. For table settings, we recommend adding touches of amber glass and gold. Try layering rugs to add pops of color and warm layers in the venue or even the wedding aisle! Don’t forget the organic elements of decor, either. Harvest season produce like apples, figs, pomegranates, persimmons, and pumpkins can act as tabletop decor.


Credit: Ceremony Photo by Willow Ray Photography, Runner by Annie Weddtique




Food can be a fun way to harmonize with the season! While personal taste will be the guiding factor in this category, going with a hot entree guarantees you a hearty and cozy meal to welcome your guests with. To get the best in-season flavors, choose a local vendor who sources their produce locally. If you are including a cocktail bar at your wedding, consider featuring a cocktail that incorporates cider or notes of cinnamon or maple. Finally, dessert! For your cake, consider incorporating fall flavors and fruits in your wedding cake design. We are dedicating a separate post to fall wedding cakes, so be sure to subscribe to be notified when it is published!


Credit: The Garden Chef


Fall Wedding Logistics


While the fall offers many vibrant colors and decor options, there are a few logistical concerns to keep in mind when hosting a wedding during this season. The days will be cooler and shorter. For this reason, host fall weddings slightly earlier to ensure you still have that prime golden hour lighting for your photographer to capture during your ceremony and photos after. The darker evenings mean the reception is the perfect place to get creative with lighting. Create a magical evening with candles, strings of fairy lights, or vintage-inspired bulbs. Move that warm glow out over the dance floor for a romantic mood!


Credit: Lighting With Intent


Depending on your location and wedding date, you may need to plan around the evening chill. Consider options like an indoor reception after an outdoor ceremony. For outdoor gatherings, you could consider setting up a stand with throw blankets available for guests who feel the cold nipping. 



But most of all, make sure the wedding feels like you. While complementing the season can lead to spectacular results, the goal is lost if the end product does not reflect your identity as a couple. Find the elements that match the season while feeling authentic!