Venue Spotlight: The McGinnity Room in Downtown Spokane

 June 19, 2019

The McGinnity Room is one of the coolest urban venues in downtown Spokane, and with an Irish flair to boot. Whether you’re looking for an awesome indoor space for any time of year, or you love the industrial chic vibe, we bet you’ll love The McGinnity Room! They took some time to chat with us today and share a little more about their space and the service they offer.

Photo courtesy Lauren Kial

Tell us a little about your motto- “Céad Míle Fáilte.”

It’s an Irish term that means ‘A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!’ It’s the corner stone of our room and our mission. When you come into the room for whether it be for a tour, a planning meeting, as a vendor or for an event you will feel welcomed by every member of our staff.

We know hospitality is important to you. How does The McGinnity Room set itself apart in this area?  

Hospitality has been my life-long hobby. I feel it’s very important when entertaining guests that they feel special and welcome. That, in my opionion, is the essence of hospitality. I love it when guests are pleasantly surprised by the hospitality they experience at our room. Sadly, most people don’t seem to be used to being treated so well so it’s an unexpected surprise for them to be in our room and have that elevated experience. That’s one of the things I love most about our work!

Photo courtesy Lauren Kial

What can brides and grooms expect from McGinnity staff when planning a wedding at your venue?  

Most importantly-  no stress! Stress happens when people have to worry about getting their jobs done AND trying to get married or be the Mother-of-the-Bride, (setting the tables, moving the chairs, getting the food out, making sure the time-line is being followed, etc. etc.)  They can expect that they, their family and friends ONLY job is to arrive at our room and have a wonderful day. We take care of everything so that they can really experience every little moment. It’s the details that they can count on us to attend to. Behind the scenes of a perfect wedding are a billion tiny details that make for a flawless day. That’s where we come in. Also, are guaranteed exceptional service, which in turn, guarantees an exceptional day. By elevating the service level, we insure that guests feel spoiled and well taken care of. In doing this, we have helped the couple to be the perfect hosts on their perfect day.

Photo courtesy Lauren Kial

How does The McGinnity Room go above and beyond to take care of the brides and grooms you work with?

Most importantly, we communicate with them and really listen to them. It truly matters to us that they have an outstanding experience. Our goal is to use our expertise to trouble shoot any potential issues well before the wedding day. That said, sometimes unexpected issues arise.  If anything at all goes wrong, it will be taken care of before they even know anything there was a problem. Period. That is peace of mind and on your wedding day you can’t put a price on knowing that there is NO crisis that the venue can’t handle.

On their wedding day I will be at the room before they arrive, I’ll happily walk about ten miles attending to every little detail. On their day, my day won’t end until I’ve personally said good-bye to their last guest –  and it will be my sincere pleasure to provide that experience for them.

Photo courtesy Beyond A Studio

How is your staff trained to provide exceptional service to couples and their guests? 

We’ve designed a comprehensive program that offers in- depth, old-school service training. At the core of our training is the notion that we will satisfy the needs of our guests before they even know they had a need. Equally important to is to provide a positive work environment where employees can thrive. This attracts amazing people who know that no one works for us – we all work together. There isn’t a job that is more or less important at the room. Every single job at the room is imperative to the success of every single event. We value and appreciate all of our employees and tell them often. This culture ensures that our staff respect, value and appreciate one another and every guest and client who comes through our doors.

You offer complimentary wedding consultations along with a timeline and planning guide. Tell us more!

While we call it coordination, our couples can actually expect far more than that! We include comprehensive planning assistance starting the moment they book with us. We will talk through their vision for their wedding day, they will receive our stress-free, simple to follow, wedding planning guide and I will work with them to make a build a time-line that will maximize their time at our room and stream-line their day. They are guaranteed the benefit of the full measure of our experience and I will be their planner through the entire process. I designed the planning guide to break-down the planning process into manageable tasks. I find planning books to be a stressful tool and couples had expressed their frustration at going on-line and finding so many different lists and deadlines that it only caused them further stress and confusion. We have, at our disposal, all the resources any couple will need – in-fact – if a couple wanted to get married next week, as long as the date was available, we could make that happen.

Can couples contact you for a tour? 

Of course! We would be delighted to show them our room and talk with them about all the things we can do to make their wedding day perfect. Check out The McGinnity Room to find out more!