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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

 May 27, 2020

Having a solid emergency kit on hand for your wedding day, no matter how big or small that day may be, is always important! You know what they say– always be prepared! Here’s our list of must haves. Stash them in a small bag or box and keep it on hand on your wedding day. Be sure your maid of honor and any other important people also know where it is, just in case!


1. Setting spray and blotting powder or papers. Especially if you’re getting married in the summer, having a great makeup setting spray on hand will help refresh and extend the wear of your makeup late in the day. Oil blotting papers or powder help keep shine away so you’re always photo ready.

2. Stain remover Just in case! Better safe than sorry, right?

3. Static spray Nothing is more annoying than clingy fabric. A fine mist hair spray can also work in a pinch.

4. Eye drops Especially if you’re a crier! They can also help take the redness out of any pimples that pop up.

5. White chalk You’d never know it, but this is great for getting stains out of your dress. You can also use baby powder for the same idea, if you prefer.

6. Snacks Seriously, because who wants to be hangry? Include water too.

7. A lighter It’s one of those things you can never find when it’s time to light the candles!

8. Some medications. Benadryl, In case of bug bites, or allergic reaction. Advil or tylenol for a headache. Antacids for stomach issues. Any other medications or inhalers you may need on your big day. Keep them all in one spot so it’s easy to find.

9. Extra earring backs Someone is bound to lose one!

10. A copy of all your paperwork. Copies of contracts, timeline, contact info for vendors and bridal party, your ceremony, vows and any important readings and your wedding license. Be prepared, right?