Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must-Haves

 April 9, 2023

What Is A Wedding Day Emergency Kit? 


You may have heard from other brides or wedding planners about a wedding day emergency kit. This kit is going to contain all of the tiny important things that you or one of your bridesmaids may need for getting ready on your big day. Think floss, safety pins, boob tape, breath mints, etc. 

What Should I Include In My Wedding Day Emergency Kit? 

  1. Fashion Tape 
  2. Sewing Kit (get one with safety pins and mini scissors)
  3. Extra earring backs 
  4. Tide to go pen 
  5. Makeup remover wipes 
  6. Baby powder (hides stains)
  7. Bobby pins 
  8. Hair ties 
  9. Breath mints
  10. Toothbrush/toothpaste 
  11. Mints 
  12. Tampons 
  13. Advil or allergy mends 
  14. Band-aids 
  15. Superglue 
  16. Eyelash glue 
  17. Travel lotion 
  18. Travel hairspray 
  19. Sole inserts for high heels 
  20. Nailfile 
  21. Lint roller 
  22. Sample size perfume 
  23. Extra pair of contact (if you wear them)
  24. Snacks 
  25. Travel deodorant 
  26. Blotting sheets

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