Wedding Guest Etiquette – Do’s and Do Not’s

 August 21, 2018

There are TONS of traditions surrounding weddings, both for being in one and attending one. So how do you know what still applies, what’s considered rude and what you can disregard? We’re breaking down all the do’s and don’t’s for being the best wedding guest you can be! After all, manners are important and you want to impress your momma, right?

Don’t wear white! We can’t believe we have to say it, but don’t be that person. Even if the bride is ‘totally chill and laid back and definitely won’t care!’ just don’t do it. Stay away from anything white, cream, lacy or remotely resembling bridal wear. Think church or meeting the parents. If you wouldn’t wear it there, opt out. The same goes for anything too tight, too short or too flashy. Just save it for the bars next weekend.

Do participate! Even if the bouquet toss isn’t your thing, the couple has put a lot of time and thought into what traditions they’ve chosen to include on their big day, so be a happy participant. Sign the guest book, snap your photo at the photo booth and get out there for that bouquet.

Don’t be late! No one likes that last person creeping in the back that thinks they’re not noticed. Even if you’re 1000% positive the ceremony will start late, just plan to be a few minutes early and mingle if it in fact does begin late. It’s just rude to show up late.

Do being a gift. It doesn’t have to be flashy, whether you opt for cash or something off their registry, but it’s polite to bring something.

Don’t walk down the aisle. This one is a little old school, but find your seat from the outside of the seating rows, instead of walking down the aisle and moving in.

Do stand when the bride walks down the aisle. Even if everyone else isn’t, it’s proper etiquette and people will follow your lead. Sometimes they just need a nudge, you know? Give the bride her moment!

Don’t get too drunk. An open bar is tempting, but it’s not a good look. Keep it under control.

Do have a blast! After all, it is a party and you’re there to celebrate!

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