5 Things To Work On For Your Wedding While You’re Stuck at Home


Being stuck at home can make it hard to look on the bright side sometimes, especially if it means your wedding has been postponed. While we totally get it’s hard to stay positive, we rounded up a few ways you can stay involved with wedding planning and help pass the time while waiting for your new date!

1. Perfect your wedding vows. It can be hard to find time in your day to day life to write heartfelt, authentic vows. If a few extra months have been added onto your planning timeline, take the time to perfect your vows to each other. If public displays of emotion aren’t your vibe, write a letter to your soon-to-be spouse for the morning of your wedding day!

2. Take time to think about Mama Earth. Let’s face it, weddings can have a lot of waste. Take time to make yours a little more eco friendly, whether it’s compostable wheat straws in your cocktails, or reusing and recycling your ceremony flowers and bouquets, every little bit helps!

3. Finalize your day of timeline. If you’re not working with a planner, you may need to create a day of timeline for your wedding. Don’t forget to include important information like vendor drop off times, contact information for your point of contact to reference and any other pertinent information.

4. Build your emergency kit. Every couple getting married should have an emergency kit on hand. Build yours with all the essentials, just in case!

5. Work on everyone’s least favorite task– the ever changing seating chart. Especially nowadays, it can seem like an endless task full of changes. Finalizing your seating chart doesn’t have to be painful!

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