How To DIY Your Wedding Invitations


Due to the Coronavirus, so many couples have had to reschedule their wedding. As a result, the invitations and other stationery you ordered may be totally irrelevant. And as budgets are often tight, it’s alright to turn to DIY! Here are the steps to create beautiful affordable wedding stationery when you’re in a pinch.


Use A Design Program

There are tons of free design programs out there, but our favorite is Canva. They have dozens of free templates and gorgeous designs. Start by browsing the template size that you need (such as invitations), and choose your favorite. From there you can customize fonts, swap out colors, and even switch up the elements.

Pro tip: If you’re creating a suite of wedding stationery, you can easily use the same elements throughout. Simply make your master design, then create new documents with their appropriate dimensions. Go back to your master design and drag your cursor until all elements are selected. Then, copy and paste them into your other documents. You will probably have to resize and tweak some things, but you’ll end up with a cohesive look throughout all of your stationery!