How To Have The Best Lighting For Your Wedding Photos


You pay a lot of money for your wedding photos, so naturally you want them to turn out beautifully. Works by Sarah Jane is sharing her industry expertise on how to ensure you have the best lighting possible for your photos so they turn out as beautifully as you envision! Of course you can’t entirely control lighting, but by discussing lighting with your photographer by using her tips, you can make the best of your day.


I get it, wedding planning can be super stressful and you’ll come to a point where you just want to be done with it. But you have to (have to!) communicate with your wedding photographer when it comes to photos and a timeline. They know when sunset is, they know how long photos take, and they know the best time to take everything. So brides and grooms, please communicate with your photographer. Ask them the following:

  • When should we do family photos?
  • How long do family, wedding party, and bridal portraits take?
  • What time do you recommend starting portraits? Or even the ceremony?

If you’re hiring a professional to document your wedding, then they will be more than happy to give their lighting recommendations so they can make the best magic for your wedding day memories.


In case you’re unaware of this term, Blue Hour refers to the time just after the sun sets. So, when there’s less light around, it makes it harder for our cameras to detect objects and we might have to bring out artificial light sources to be able to capture these epic moments with sharpness.

During Blue hour, it’s always so tricky to bring anything into focus. Plus, since the light quickly fades away during this time, photographers are constantly having to change their camera settings.

If you’re going for a dark and moody style for your wedding ceremony, then be sure to communicate that to your wedding photographer so they can bring the right equipment. If you don’t mind the flashing light, then by all means, you do you!


In order to make sure your skin looks amazing, and that there is plenty of light on your big newlywed smiles, I highly recommend facing a window (venue layout permitting) if any events will be indoors while it’s still light outside.

If a window is behind you, it’s almost like you’re standing in front of a bright, giant light, which makes your faces darker and harder to capture. But, if you stand facing the light, then your skin will be evenly lit, everyone will be able to see you, and your photos will turn out beautifully.

So for cake cutting, speeches, sitting at the head table, etc., you’ll get much softer lighting and better photos if you’re facing a bright window instead of having your backs against it.

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