How To Socially Distance Your Wedding

 June 24, 2020

Are you getting married this year and curious what your wedding could be like?  While we acknowledge there are uncertainties, here at Apple Brides we know that the Inland Northwest has some of the most dedicated vendors that are working tirelessly to prepare their venues and services to create a memorable, beautiful and safe wedding day. We also think now is the time to remember that there are some silver-linings to 2020 weddings.  Beacon Hill Catering & Events just put together some visuals for safe and spacious wedding scenarios that meet or exceed current restaurant guidelines for spacing and a list of some things to look forward to!  It’s beautiful and so reassuring to visualize weddings again.  And there really is something special about weddings this year. Here’s what Beacon Hill has to say:


At Beacon Hill, we’ve been providing couples with a beautiful setting and hand crafted catering for almost two decades.  We’re more than equipped to handle pretty much any scenario that comes up.  That being said, 2020 has presented us and our clients with a unique challenge.  We’ve been in close contact with our local health and government authorities and are relying on our years of experience to create a guide for weddings as we move forward into 2020.  Let’s celebrate again, safely!

One question we keep getting from clients, is what will our event look like? And, at first we thought that might be a hard question to answer.  But, as we thought more about it, we’ve set up events pretty similar to what is required now. And, who better than us with our decades of experience to answer that question?  So, we went to work, safely (and without guests) setting up a couple scenarios for you to see.  We can’t guarantee exactly what the future will bring, but we can guarantee that with an experienced team like Beacon Hill Catering & Events to work with we will have a beautiful space ready for you to spaciously and safely enjoy your wedding.

We’re including images of sample wedding set ups below to help you envision your big day. We know this year has been difficult for everyone, but we like to find the silver lining in all situations.  We’ve compiled a list of perks of having your wedding during this historical time to accompany these visual ideas.



1. Celebrate more safely in the open air.

Outdoor weddings have been a trend forever and, why not? There is no prettier setting than what nature provides.  Embracing your wedding at Beacon Hill will allow your guests extra peace of mind as this pandemic settles down. We’ve got the space you need to spread out, naturally.  And, you always have the option to come indoors or come under our covered patios, that can be set up for large groups even while honoring distancing protocols.



2. Embrace an intimate ceremony.

We’ve developed potential options for outdoor ceremonies that can include a full headcount seated at their distanced dining tables, and some more traditional options with pods of distanced seating, if required. If you’re concerned about the ceremony element, why not embrace an intimate ceremony?  With a smaller ceremony group, you might be able to write a note to each ceremony attendant, have the budget for an intimate cocktail hour before the reception group arrives, and more. We once had a bride who had every member of her wedding say something right after the ceremony (there were 18 people) and it was one of the most heartfelt moments we can remember.



3. Create an opportunity for an online keepsake.

The reality is (and always has been), some guests will not be able to make it to your wedding.  With the current climate, why not opt for a simple live stream of your wedding. A simple plan with a Facebook Live group or YouTube can accomplish this.  Or why not hire one of our talented local videographers from our preferred list?  Not only will your guests from afar be able to join in, but you’ll have an online record of your big day for years to come. How special is that?!



4. Enjoy opportunities to be lighthearted.

Why not have fun with these unforeseen circumstances?  Companies like local Mango Ink are designing cheeky cards to let guests know about a change of date or slight change of plans.  We’re all in this together, so we might as well laugh.



5. Know that you’ll have the most committed team of vendors.

This one is true no matter what is going on, but it feels especially true now. Make sure to hire and rely on a great team for your big day. Dress salons have safe options for purchasing your perfect gown.  Florists, like Rose and Blossom, can accentuate the Beacon Hill grounds with even a handful of brightly colored arrangements and sprays. Did you decide to reduce your guest count just a pinch? Why not opt for a few settees from Artifact Rentals, some lighthearted hand lettered signs from Crimson Calligraphy, or some specialty linen from Event Rents? Your planner and coordinator, if you hired one like Red Letter Event Planning, can help you navigate what a new seating chart may look like, and how you can help keep guests safe.