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Wedding Registry 101

 February 23, 2023

Wedding Registry Must-Haves


What Is A Wedding Registry?


A wedding registry is a curated list of gifts you curate as an engaged couple before the wedding. The registry helps guide your guests when shopping for a wedding gift. A details registry lets guests get a good idea of your likes and preferences. 


Do I Have To Have One?


Registries are not required! If you’d rather have your guests send you money, you can subtly hint at that in your invitation, or set up your registry online to include cash amounts, gift cards, and other items. Amazon and other registry-making websites usually have the option to include money and gift cards on your registry.


You can always have your guests donate to a charity of your choice instead! 


How Many Registries Should I Have?


If you decide you want to do a registry, you have a couple of options on how to go about creating one. You can use a website like Zola that allows you to register for material goods and cash all in one place, or you can use a department store like Macy’s or West Elm. An online format is beneficial because you can register for items from various stores but locate them all in one place. 

Should I Pay Attention To Item Costs?


It is always a good idea to include items that vary in cost so that your guests have a lot to choose from. Be sure to include a mixture of things that are $50 and under, between $50 and $100, and over $100. This way there is a gift with a price point for everyone. 


What Should I Include In My Registry? 


Your registry is an amazing opportunity to prepare for your life together as a couple. Choose items that you know you will need and use. If you both already own toasters, you probably won’t need to include one on your registry. 


Must-Have Registry Items


  •  Cookware 



If you are moving in with your fiance after the wedding, your registry is a great opportunity to start gathering cooking supplies that you might need or want. It’s good to ask for pots, pans, dutch ovens, knives, and silverware. If you already have most of those things, think beyond the regular kitchen utensils and maybe ask for an Air Fryer, Electric Kettle, or Kitchen-Aid mixer. 


  •  Bath Robes 



Quality bathrobes make the perfect wedding gift because most couples don’t already own them. You and your new partner can match in your cozy robes on your honeymoon and every day after that! 


  •  Reusable Bags 



Reusable bags are so convenient and great for the environment. You can also never have enough which makes these a great addition to your registry, and a really simple gift for your guests. 


  •  Sound Bar or Speaker



Music fills a home with love and warmth which is why we feel every home should have a sound bar or speaker. If you don’t already have one this is a great item to put on your registry. 


  •  Luggage 



Quality luggage is another great registry add. It’s the perfect opportunity to get some nice luggage for your honeymoon or any other trips you plan to take together as a couple. 


  •  Glassware 



Find your dream glassware whether it’s daily water glasses, wine, whiskey, martini, champagne flute, or other to add to your registry. Glassware makes a great gift for family and friends!


  •  House Plants 



The gift that keeps on living! House plants are the perfect gift for newlywed couples especially if they are moving into their first home together. There are plenty of stunning houseplants that are simple to take care of and would make a great gift. 


  •  NutriBullet – Blender 



You can use a blender for so many different recipes. If you don’t already own one, definitely consider adding a blender to your registry.


  •  Pasta Maker 


If you are not a cooking couple you might skip this one. A pasta maker is a fun gift for couples that enjoy cooking at home. Not every household has a pasta maker so it’s definitely a memorable gift. 


  •  Canvas His & Hers laundry baskets 



Laundry is not always the most aesthetically pleasing chore. Add some cute his and hers laundry bins to your registry for another good lower-priced gift item and do your laundry in style.


  •  Cutting Boards



Cutting boards are excellent because they are always needed and used for many different things. You can gift an ordinary cutting board for the couple’s new home together, or go a step further and have one engraved with their initials or wedding date. 


  •  Mixologist Set (Bar tools) 



Lastly, for couples who enjoy entertaining, consider a mixing set for cocktails! You can usually find sets that come with all of the tools included. Another gift option that’s great because most couples may not already have it!


Get creative and don’t be afraid to add your personality to your registry. There is also no limit to the number of items you add, so don’t be shy!


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