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Wedding Signage Guide & Inspiration

 April 8, 2024

Wedding Signage Guide & Inspiration

Thinking about what signage you need for your big day? We’re here to help. From welcome signs to seating charts, here’s our guide to all things wedding signage and some local vendors we love to help create the wedding of your dreams! 


Welcome signage 

It’s always good to have a welcome sign for a few reasons. This can be so people know they’re in the right spot, where to sit, drop off gifts, etc.. With your welcome signage, you can decide to incorporate your wedding colors/themes, keep it simple, or find something unique! This is a good place to show off some of your personality and the vibe of the wedding. Here are a few different variations we love:

Simple White & Gold


Mirror Welcome Sign – Can be used as a photo OP + decor later on!
Incorporate your color scheme/florals. Also makes a good piece of decor after the wedding!



Seating Chart 

Similar to your welcome sign, you can also get creative with your seating chart signage. There are many unique and creative ways for a seating chart, or you can go with something more simple or timeless.


From Mango Ink – a local Spokane vendor!


Use your wedding theme or favorite decor to showcase your style!


Or opt for a simple, more traditional look

Other Signage Ideas: 

There are also many more different ways to incorporate signage into your wedding! You can use them for your guest book table, gift table, drink menu, and so much more!


Custom guestbook signage from Etsy


Gift+card sign from Ink and Embers, another local Spokane business!


Wedding welcome + schedule all in one!


We love to see the creativity that goes into every piece of signage for your wedding. No matter your theme, colors, or personality, you’ll be sure to find the right signage that’ll make your dream wedding come to life!

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