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What Should Bridesmaids Pay For?

 November 1, 2019

We’re going to kick this off with the most annoying answer – it depends! Today we’ll cover some of the typical costs that bridesmaids incur, but it should be noted that every single wedding, couple, and friendship is different. This single most important thing, however, is communication.

As a bride, no matter what you’re covering for your girls, it’s so important to be upfront! And as a bridesmaid, if you cannot afford something that the bride has requested, you have to let her know.

Without further ado, let’s break down the wedding-related costs that bridesmaids are typically expected to cover!

Travel Costs

Whether it’s to the wedding or the various accompanying parties (like the Bachelorette), bridesmaids are expected to cover their own travel costs. And with destination Bachelorette parties becoming insanely popular, (hello, Nashville!) these costs can add up!

Bachelorette Party

Speaking of Bachelorette parties, bridesmaids should expect to not only cover the cost of their participation in the Bachelorette party, but the bride’s as well!

Bridal Shower (Maybe)

This one is a bit tricky. Depending on who’s hosting, the bridesmaids may be responsible to help cover costs of the bridal shower. If the bridesmaids and/or Maid of Honor are hosting, it’s appropriate that they pitch in.

Wedding Day Outfit

Typically, bridesmaids are required to cover the costs of their own dress, shoes, and accessories. Additionally, if you want to have your hair and makeup professionally done but the bride isn’t requiring it for everyone, you may be expected to cover that cost as well!

A Wedding Gift

Traditionally, it is expected that bridesmaids give a wedding gift to the couple. That being said, most brides understand that being in weddings is expensive these days! If, at the end of the day, you can’t afford a wedding gift on top of the other wedding costs, a heartfelt card is completely appropriate!

In the end, just keep in mind that communication is key! Brides should be as transparent as possible about costs, and bridesmaids should be honest about their realistic budgets!