What To Pack For Your Honeymoon

 August 11, 2017

Planning for your honeymoon is so fun, but oftentimes it gets all wrapped up in wedding planning – and that’s when you start to forget things. For the sake of time and sanity, we’re going to skip over the basics and get right to the good stuff – the items that you might not even think about packing. (If you do want an extensive list of every single thing you should pack – we love this one from The Knot and this one from MyWedding!

For Adventuring

hiking shoes athletic clothes ball caps

Must Haves

passports/wallets/ID’s airline tickets reservation confirmations bug spray sunscreen prescriptions electronics & chargers selfie stick casual everyday clothes already exchanged currency (if you’re going out of the country!)

For The Journey

a great book download podcasts (we love Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger!) a quality pair of headphones a deck of cards thank you cards (long flights = a great opportunity to get a heard start on those thank yous!)

For Romantic Dinners

formal wear a little sexy something

For The Beach

swimsuits flip flops a floppy hat

What NOT To Bring

towels bathrobes a million different outfits (stick to the basics!) non-weather appropriate clothes And lastly, the most important thing to leave at home – stress! Yes, traveling can be stressful, but the whole point of your honeymoon is to sit back and relax with your new partner for life. Don’t let anything stress you out, from travel delays to weather woes. Just enjoy yourself and immerse yourself in wedded bliss!