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What’s Your Wedding Style?

 July 18, 2016

When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing the right style will set the tone for your entire event. It will help dictate your venue, photographer, decor, and your bridal party attire. The great news about choosing an overall wedding style, is that you have plenty of room to move around and innovate within that category (and even mix and match!). We’ve picked some of our favorite wedding styles, and we’re breaking them down and showing you real wedding examples of each!

Rustic weddings have gained a lot of popularity lately, and for a good reason! This wedding style is perfect for the Northwest, we’ve got a plethora of country venues and rustic elements that can easily be incorporated into your big day. No matter if you want to go full on ho-down, or just add a country touch here and there, keep in mind details such as cowboy boots, rustic signage, and natural wood dessert accents.

Photo by Flat 4 Photography
Photo by Jerome Pollos Photography
Photo by Memory Montage Photography

If classic is more your style, keep the focus on timeless elements that could easily travel across different seasons and venues. Incorporate simple silhouettes, classic florals (like roses!), and neutral colors. And don’t for one second think that classic=boring. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Oftentimes, classic and simple details throughout a wedding allow the focus to remain on the couple.

Photo by Liz Robinson Photography
Photo by All About You Photography
Photo by Hill B. Photography

We love glam weddings, because when else do you have the chance to go all out on a decadent event? When planning a glam event, don’t forget the standout accessories, sparkles, and elaborate venues!

Photo by A. Jo Fotografi
Photo by Nick Brimmer Photography
Photo by Ryan Flynn Photography

What better place for romantic details than a wedding? We’re loving this on-trend wedding style. If romance is your goal, think whimsical and soft elements like flower crowns, delicate lace, and fanciful giant balloons. (And did we mention light pink?)

Photo by Romancing Belle Photography
Photo by Lana Janae Photography
Photo by My Beloved Photography

Modern weddings are all about sleek elegance. Couples are creating days that are hyper-personalized with polished and luxurious details. Picture satin fabrics in rich colors, bright and intricate table settings, and wild and decadent florals. We definitely can’t wait to see more of this trend in the future!

Photo by Heather Mayer Photography
Photo by Crain Studios
Photo by Amber Glanville Photography

Alternative weddings are all about thinking outside the box. Whether that means a mountainside elopement, an unconventional venue, or a wild theme like Alice in Wonderland, create a wedding day that is truly YOU as a couple.

Photo by Rogue Heart Media
Photo by Ifong Chen Photography
Photo by Matt Shumate Photography