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When To DIY And When To Buy For Your Wedding

 July 29, 2022


DIYing your wedding tasks can save you a ton of money… However, it can also be very time-consuming. For my hands-on, creative brides who want to save money, DIY decor and favors are often a good route to go as long as you’ve done your research. The last thing you want is to overload yourself with a daunting task just days before your wedding. If you decide to make your own decor, favors, etc., be sure you have enough time a couple of weeks or months prior to the wedding to get everything done.

Having stunning wedding decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and with the help of your family and friends, you can easily decorate your ceremony and reception yourself. You will also be saving yourself money on a planner/designer for the big day. Creating decor that you can keep post-wedding also provides you with memorable keepsakes. Some DIY projects however are not worth the time and should be left to the pros. Without further ado, here is your bridal guide on when to DIY, and when to buy for your wedding.


1. Ring Bearer + Flower Girl DIY Details

Defining small details can really make a difference, and don’t have to be super fancy! The ring bearer and flower girl accessories are both simple accents that can easily be done yourself. For the rings, you’ll need a small cotton pillow or a wooden box that you can get at any craft store. You can get creative with what you place your rings in (it can really be anything). From there you can decorate it with the colors and theme of your wedding! Tie burlap string or twine around the pillow with dried lavender, eucalyptus, or greenery of your choice, with a small tag that has
your initials. It’s simple, but looks very aesthetically pleasing and shouldn’t cost you much to make.



As for your flower girl, there are many different options for what you’d like her to wear and carry. You won’t need to spend extra money to have her carry a real bouquet when you can create the cutest basket for rose petals. You can find a perfectly good basket or bucket at many thrift stores, often cool vintage-looking ones. Decorate her basket according to your themes, colors, and florals, and she’ll look darling throwing petals down the aisle. You can also make her a matching flower crown to wear!



2. DIY Veil

Whether you are going with a veil or headpiece of some sort, don’t overestimate the amount you have to spend on it. Veils can be expensive! And for what? A piece of fabric? A veil is easier to make yourself than you may think. Knowing which fabric to use is probably the trickiest step. You want to steer clean of Bridal Illusion which is a common veil fabric that can look stiff and cheap. If you decide to do a DIY veil, the better fabrics to use are English Net and Organza because they are nicer quality without being as expensive as Silk Tulle. You can add whatever embellishments you choose, or go with a more modern, simple look. Skipping the veil? Making a flower crown is another great option that will have you feeling like a fairy princess on your big day. This option also works really well for summer weddings and their colorful florals.

3. DIY Ceremony Decor + Signage

Another perfect opportunity to save yourself money is to do your own ceremony decor and wedding signage. The entrance to the wedding is often decorated with greenery, florals, lanterns, candles etc. It’s the first thing that guests see and can set the tone for the entire wedding. A lot of this decor can either be repurposed, or found at thrift or discount stores, so don’t feel as if you need to spend a ton on it. Repurposing your florals and greenery into your decor will go a long way. You can fill mason jars or any glasses you want with a bit of florals and water, add a candle on top and it’s a lovely centerpiece or aisle decoration.
As for signage, I love the idea of using a large vintage mirror and writing your names using a white or black paint pen. Bad at calligraphy? I have a pro tip for you but you’ll need a projector. Find the font you like and create a document with your names and the wedding date exactly how you’d like it to be on your sign. (There are a bunch of free fonts online) From there, project the document onto an empty wall and adjust it to the size you’ll need. You can use paper or cardstock to tape onto the wall and trace over it, creating your perfect signage stencil! Use your stencil on anything you like; a large picture frame, chalk board, mirror, etc.
I also love this easy photo display idea taking a large empty picture frame and stringing wire across the middle to clothespin polaroids onto. This creates a fun, interactive activity for your guests to enjoy and for you to hold onto for memories.

4. DIY Wedding Favors

This DIY is my personal favorite because you can save so much money by creating favors yourself and they will be just as cute, if not cuter. Edible favors like candy, baked goods, chocolate, or coffee and tea are a great choice and can be used by everyone. You can buy small mesh drawstring bags along with your filler of choice in bulk, and easily assemble your favors weeks prior.

5. DIY Invitations & Programs

All you’ll need to create your own invitations and programs are a computer and printer. You can find customizable prints for both your invites and program on Etsy that are more affordable than using a printing press. Customize your own through google docs and dress up your envelopes using dried flowers and greenery for a special touch. The benefit of designing your own is choosing the font, color, patterns and getting creative with your own personal touches. You can go as far as getting your own rubber stamp with your initials. Programs are optional of course, but make inexpensive memento’s to hold on to.


What to leave to the pros:

1. Food

Not only is it easier to hire a vendor to provide catering and drink services, it’ll also be way less stressful for you and your family. Sample a few different options before hiring someone so you know you’ll enjoy the food on your big day.  Check out Le Catering Co, a catering business that services the Inland Northwest Area.

2. Photography

Even if your brother or sister is amazing with a camera, don’t chance it. You’ll want them to be in the photos and in the moment of your wedding rather than behind a camera.

3. Fresh flowers

You may think it’ll be easier to buy the flowers yourself for decorations and bouquets…. think again. It saves a ton of time having flowers assembled and delivered to you the day of your wedding instead of attempting to do it all yourself. Flowers can be expensive, but will also be so worth it since they make up a huge part of your decor. Create smaller accent details prior to using dried flowers since they are preservable. 


Obviously weddings are expensive and require a ton of planning. Hopefully this guide will help you navigate your planning process, as well as save you time and money deciphering which projects are worth the undertaking, and which are better left to the pros. Subscribe to our newsletter for even more wedding tips, tricks, and popular trends. Follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest AppleBrides news!