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Where To Splurge Vs. Save For Your Wedding

 July 29, 2019

No matter your wedding budget, there are always opportunities to save! We are big believers in identifying these in order to stay on track throughout your planning journey. However, there are a few areas in which you should still invest. Today we’re breaking down where you should spend vs. save.


Photography & Videography

Some of the best wedding advice we’ve ever heard was the following: “you can have an affordable wedding and with great videography and photography it will LOOK expensive, or you can have an expensive wedding with “affordable” videography and photography and it will look cheap.” Photography and videography are the elements of your wedding that preserve all of your incredible memories, so it’s important that you choose vendors you absolutely love!


If you choose a stunning venue, and you’ll have the ability to save more money on decor! A beautiful setting will make all the difference when you look back on your wedding day, so it’s best to go with one that really speaks to you. Don’t compromise here!



As we mentioned above, if you have a great venue, you’ll be able to save on decor! Choose a setting that you love, whether it’s a country barn, a city hotel, or a backyard soiree, the more in line with your vision it is, the less excessive decoration you’ll need!

Paper Goods

There are a lot of affordable stationery options out there today! If you need to save some money, look into options like online save the dates or RSVP’s. You’d be shocked at how quickly postage adds up! Also consider limiting the amount of printed paper used during your day. Use signs for menus and programs instead of individually printed items!


Favors usually end up in the trash or stacked up in a dusty corner of your house after the wedding. Especially if you have guests traveling from out of town, skip the favors. Instead, opt for a candy bar. That way, even if there are leftovers, you’ll get to enjoy them with your new spouse!


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