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Which Dress is Right for Your Zodiac Sign?

 July 5, 2022

Are you a daring Leo? How about a cool, calm, and collected Virgo? Either way, we’ve scoured the internet and found the PERFECT dress for you based on your zodiac sign!



Aries women are passionate and love taking risks. We get it, it’s in your nature! That’s why this AMAZING gown by Heirloom Bridal is perfect for you. Every fire sign deserves their moment to shine and this gown will ensure that you’re the center of attention. Big moments require big statement pieces, consider accompanying your dress with a crown-esque headpiece or cathedral-length veil. 



Taurians may be chill, but they also love a little luxury in their life. This earth sign deserves the best of the best and we think this elegant dress is just that! The Archie is available at Honest In Ivory in Spokane, Washington.



Gorgeous gorgeous Geminis get statement dresses. While Geminis sometimes get a bad rap, we all know that very few people can hold a candle to their charisma. You’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and you need a dress that’s going to tell your story. This amazing gown can be found at Believe Bride



Cancers are ruled by the ocean and moon making them inherently feminine and emotional. This dress is giving us everything some serious Cancer vibes. From the detailed bodice to the romantic sleeves, not to mention that color pallet… We think this romantic gown from Honest In Ivory is perfect for the Cancer Brides out there! Find this dress and others like it at Honest In Ivory.



Bold dress for the bold bride! Leos are all about presence and we think this dress is the perfect piece to ensure the spotlight is shining on you all night. It has everything you could possibly want. From the gorgeous back to the ruffled detailing… what more could you wish for? This custom gown was made by the one and only Heirloom Bridal.



This sophisticated yet simplistic design is giving us major Virgo energy. Virgos are all about practicality while still retaining a level of delicacy that provides softer moments. We think that this amazing gown from New Beginnings Bridal is perfect for the bride who loves the simple things in life. Attention to detail is key when it comes to Virgos and this dress checks that very important box.



Libras are ruled by Venus and that means that while they are an air sign, they’re all about love. Though you can be prone to indecisiveness, we think this dress will be an easy choice. The feminine details and romantic sleeves balance each other out to make the perfect dress that shows just the right amount of skin. This gown can be found at New Beginnings Bridal.



We all know that Scorpios are the queens of the silhouette and this gorgeous gown by Nina Cheri Couture is SERVING us a sultry, powerful, silhouette on a platter. Scorpio brides want to feel powerful and attractive while simultaneously aspiring to maintain some mystique. Choosing a gown with the right amount of skin showing can be tough but we know that our Scorpio brides will look killer in whatever they decide!



Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius brides are full of fire and love a good party. You’ll want a dress that matches your energy and this gorgeous dress by Heirloom Bridal is our pick. Sag women are larger than life, they’re flirty, fun, and adventurous. What says that better than a champagne sparkly dress for your big day?



Let’s get down to business, what says Capricorn more than a classic, structured, dress? We stan an organized bride and nothing says strategic planning like a Capricorn on a mission. But it’s not all about business, you deserve a little luxury too. This Marcellas Bridal dress is the ultimate traditional meets modern bride moment. 



Aquarians go against the grain and we love to see it!  This gorgeous, dreamy, dress has everything an Aquarius Bride could want! The delicate, yet groovy, details complement the dainty sleeves and make for a gorgeous silhouette. You can find this gown and others like it at Marcella’s Bridal.



Dreamy, ethereal, timeless… those words fit Pisces and this dress to a tee. If you’re a Pisces, chances are you love anything timeless and feminine. This dress is so fabulous, we’re not sure you would even need accessories! This gown and others like it can be found at Idina Bride in Edmonds, Washington. We know this might be a bit of a drive for our Eastern Washington Brides but we think it’s worth it!