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Why You Should Have An Unplugged Ceremony (and How To Do It!)

 September 26, 2017

Social media is practically unavoidable these days, and there are pros and cons that go along with that fact. Posting on social media at a wedding is a hot button issue– is it fair to post what the bride is wearing before she posts professional pictures herself? Are you really present if you’re on your phone hashtagging the bride’s new last name the whole night? Regardless of how you feel about the issue, we LOVE the idea of having an unplugged wedding ceremony. An unplugged ceremony is one where guests refrain from posting and snapping photos with their phones during the entirety of the ceremony. There are lots of reasons why this is a great idea, and we’re sharing them here today, as well as how you can make it happen for your own wedding!

1. It keeps guests from getting in the way of the professionals! Let us let you in on a little secret– photographers HATE when wedding guests are leaning into the aisle or holding up iPads to get photos of their own. It makes their jobs harder, and when you think about it, it’s pretty silly. You paid good money for an amazing professional photographer– let them do their job! Putting away phones means your guests won’t interfere with the photographers work. We’ve all seen those photos where theres a million iPhones sticking up, blocking the groom’s view of his bride walking down the aisle. Who want’s that?!
2. Be present! You’ve heard it before, but we’re saying it again. Sometimes, it really is best to just be present and experience something, without grabbing an Instagram worthy snap of it. It still happened even if you don’t post it!
3. You don’t have to worry about who posts what on social media! Maybe you don’t want anyone to see your dress until you decide to post it, or maybe you want to wait to announce your nuptials because you accidentally-on-purpose forgot to invite those coworkers who are Facebook friends. Whatever the reason, opting for an unplugged ceremony means you’ll have some control over who posts about your soiree on social! So how do you make an unplugged ceremony a reality in a day and age where most of us have our phones glued to our hands? A couple ways.

-Set the tone. If you have a wedding website or programs at the ceremony, include some wording about refraining from posting. Something short like, “In order to fully be present during our special ceremony, we ask that you please refrain from using your cell phones during the ceremony. We are happy to share our professional photos later. Thank you!”
-Talk to your photog. Let them know you want an unplugged ceremony, and that you’re letting guests know. Ask if they might be willing to share a couple images via social media quickly after the wedding. Knowing that images will be available ASAP will help curb the urge to snap!
-Make a sign. Having a sign displayed at the entrance to your ceremony letting guests know this is an unplugged affair will catch their eyes as they enter, insuring they’re informed.
-Have your officiant make an announcement! Before your ceremony begins, have your officiant make an announcement, reminding guests to please turn their phones off.
-Know that, no matter what you do, some guests will ignore you. That’s life. Even if you remind people a million ways, inevitable someone will decide their cell phone pic is more important. They’re excited and want to capture that feeling! Take it in stride, and know it comes from a place of love.

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