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Winter Wedding Inspiration

 December 4, 2023

Winter Wedding Inspiration


While wedding season is more prevalent in the fall and summer, winter remains a fantastic time of year to host your wedding! If you’re contemplating or planning a winter wedding, this is for you. We’ve compiled a list of inspiration and ideas that you can incorporate into your winter wedding to make it your most magical day yet! 



There’s no right or wrong way to approach florals in the winter, but if you’re aiming for a seasonal vibe, we have noticed several trending floral arrangements and ideas.

Greenery: The incorporation of dark greenery into your bouquet provides an elegant contrast to the white snow of the season.












Bright and bold colors: Similarly, using vibrant colors in floral arrangements adds a great pop of color. Reds and blues are commonly used, complementing the greenery throughout. We love this bright bouquet from Rose and Blossom Weddings. Check them out to view more of their designs and book them for your wedding!

Photo by: Breana Beth Photo












A popular method we’ve observed for illuminating a dim room and establishing the ambiance is by incorporating white Christmas lights throughout the venue. These lights can be intertwined in centerpieces, draped from the ceiling, or blended with flowers, trees, or other decorations in your venue. 

You can also achieve this similar timeless look with candles! You can even buy fake candles, which have lights to mimic flames, but without the hassle of working with open flames! 




If your wedding is scheduled for later in December or January, there’s a chance of having some snow. Embracing the spirit of snowy days, setting up a hot cocoa bar is a fantastic option for introducing some fun drink ideas! This provides an opportunity for your guests to warm up, get cozy, and enjoy a delightful activity by assembling their own cocoa creations! Mulled wine is also another great winter drink to provide for your guests in the spirit of the season. 

Similar to the cozy vibes of a hot cocoa bar or serving mulled wine, a s’mores station is a great way to capture the essence of the winter season and offer a unique dessert experience.



Ultimately, having a winter wedding provides you with lots of fun and unique ideas to incorporate in your wedding. If you’re planning your wedding for the snowy season, be sure to check out more of our blog and vendor directory for more tips, inspo, vendors, and guides to making your big day the best one yet! 

Photo by: Karlie Larson Photography