Wedding invitation wording can be tricky– traditionally, it all depends on who’s paying, but now days that’s often split between families, which makes things confusing. Ultimately, it’s all up to you and your soon-to-be-spouse as to how you word things.

The wording of your invitations should give guests an idea of what to expect– so if you’re having a black tie affair, maybe keep the mad libs style RSVP cards for a party. If you’re having an outdoor BBQ wedding, no need to invoke middle names and ultra formal writing.

So, let’s break it down. Typically an invitation starts with a host line (Together with their families, the names of your parents, etc), the names of the couple (if they aren’t technically hosting), the invitation or action line (‘The honor of your presence’ usually means there will be a religious ceremony, ‘The pleasure of your company’ usually means a non-religious ceremony, and ‘invite you to party the night away’ means you’re mostly concerned with having a blast), information (location, date, time, the important details) and then the party line (drinks and dancing to follow!)

Also included in the invitation suite (the whole shebang) is an RSVP card and pre-addressed and stamped response envelope, a menu card if you’re giving guests the option and need to know what they’re selecting, and/or an information card (perhaps with directions to a hard to find venue, room blocks at local hotels, info on local activities, rehearsal dinner info, your wedding website, or anything else extra you want to communicate to guests).

What shouldn’t be included in the invitation is registry info. It’s usually considered bad etiquette, and is communicated via word of mouth. If people want to know where you’re registered, they’ll likely ask your bridal party, or parents, or you, or check your wedding website. If they don’t ask, they likely prefer to just give cash or something else if they choose to bring a gift.

Ready for some examples? We’re breaking it down with invitation wording and RSVP card wording, depending on who’s paying and how formal you’re soiree is going to be.


(could also say together with their families) Together with their parents Brides full name and Grooms full name request the honor of your presence at their marriage on Saturday, the fifteenth of August two thousand sixteen at six o’clock in the evening Spokane Convention Center 334 West Spokane Falls Boulevard Spokane, Washington


Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers and Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Demett invite you to share in the joy of the marriage uniting their children Brides name and Grooms name on Saturday, the fifteenth day of August two thousand and sixteen at eleven o’clock in the morning Spokane Convention Center 334 West Spokane Falls Boulevard Spokane, Washington


Together with their parents Brides name and Grooms name request the pleasure of your company at their marriage…


Mr. and Mrs. Jim Offelt Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pram request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter….


TRADITIONAL RESPONSE CARD (can include the number of children attending)

____Accepts with Pleasure ____Number of Guests Attending ____Declines with Regret


____Can’t wait to celebrate ____Number of People Attending ____Will be there in Spirit


Who’s In? ____Will be there with bells on! ____Will attend…no bells. ____Will not attend…has bell phobia. Sends regrets.


M__________________________________ ____Will Attend ____Regretfully Declines At your wedding, I/we plan to: ____Eat a lot of cake ____Dance my feet off ____Smile endlessly ____All of the above The happy couples best qualities include: ____Good looks ____Stunning Intelligence ____Witty sense of humor ____Excellent taste in friends

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