Woodland Diy Wedding In Port Townsend, Washington

 March 27, 2018

This adorable woodland wedding is full of DIY details and natural touches! We love how this couple opted to keep things simple and let their gorgeous, surrounded-by-nature venue speak for itself. After all, stunning landscape is what the Pacific Northwest does best! What better way to pay homage to your home state? Another one of our favorite details is a hazard of an outdoor, forest wedding– a sneaky little squirrel thief! From the bride, “We’re both from Washington, so we knew we wanted [our wedding] to be in our home state. We looked at various venues, but the price of some was very high, so we looked at options for building rentals and found Fort Townsend. We love outdoor activities, so we knew we wanted a big natural outdoor wedding, and Fort Townsend was a stunning location. We wanted to pay for our wedding on our own as much as possible, so we did lots of DIY projects and didn’t go overboard on unnecessary things. We chose navy and gold as our two colors, and felt like they complimented the natural surroundings of the venue very well. We were going for “earthy-whimsical-nautical” style. We envisioned it as a big destination weekend-long event, with a party (our wedding) as the central theme. We wanted to make sure it was casual and everyone had a lot of fun!”