5 Gifts That Are Perfect For Your Bride-To-Be

 April 17, 2019

While it’s not required, per se, now days many couples opt to gift each other a special memento on their wedding day as a sweet gesture, and to commemorate the moment. We rounded up 5 of our favorite ideas for your bride-to-be, so tag your partner-to-be to drop a hint, or send this to your squad so they can help 😉

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1. A spa day

Everyone loves a chance to relax, so plan a special spa day for the day after the wedding, whether it’s solo or a couples massage. She’ll love the opportunity to de-stress. Plus, if you opt for a couples massage, you get to enjoy it as well!

2. A delicate ring from AU-Rate

Yes, you already got her a ring. But hear us out. My husband bought me a small, delicate diamond band prior to our wedding (separate from our wedding bands) and I wear it even more frequently than my wedding set. To me, its the equivalent of getting flowers on Valentine’s Day versus a random Wednesday. You expect it on your wedding day. Getting something sparkly on a random Wednesday (you get the idea) can be even more special. Plus, I LOVE that AU-Rate is all ethically sourced materials from a company that gives back.

image courtesy AU-Rate

3. A mix tape 

SO classic, right? Whatever modern day equivalent you opt for (Spotify playlist, mix CD, etc) create a ‘tape’ of songs that remind you of her, and your journey together. It’s thoughtful and budget friendly! We recently used this USB that’s masked as an old school cassette tape to create a playlist and it was so easy to use and nostalgic!

4. A map of the stars 

You can order a map of the stars from any moment you choose– the moment you met, when you proposed, you name is. This sweet gift will not only hang in your home, but serve as a sentimental reminder of how special that moment in time was to you both.

image courtesy The Night Sky

5. Coordinate letters from her loved ones for your honeymoon journey 

I was in a friends wedding where her groom asked all her bridesmaids to write a quick note on the morning of the wedding to the bride. He collected them, and planned to give them to her to read on the plane on their way to their honeymoon. It was such a sweet keepsake, we all cried taking a minute to write down how we felt in that moment. You’ll earn brownie points for sure!

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